When Were You Born? Medicine Wheel – South

Were you born between June 21st and September 22nd? If you were, then you were born into the southern quadrant of the Native American medicine wheel.

Native American Astrology

Native American astrology connects power animals, seasons and elements to the four directions on the medicine wheel. This article, part of a series on Native American astrology, is focused on the southern quadrant of the medicine wheel.

Medicine Wheel: South


Native Americans often refer to the coyote as the trickster, the joker. If coyote is your power animal, it will teach you to laugh at life and at yourself. The energy of this animal is play ful and fun, and it helps us learn not to take life too seriously.

When can coyote help?

(1) When you are confused by a dream, and need help figuring out the deeper meaning of it.

(2) When stress has made you lose your sense of humor.

(3) When you have a difficult choice to make and you can’t tell whether the one you’re considering will help or hurt the situation.

(4) When a work project or group you’re involved with needs to cooperate better.

(5) When you have a problem you have no idea how to solve and would like to be inspired by creative solutions.


“Listen closely to your heart. It sings of your purpose, even though your purpose may shift with time and age. That’s where you’ll find the courage to be who you are. Not in your mind, not in the world around you, but in the center of your body and being.”~~Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D., Power Animals: How to Connect with Your Animal Spirit Guide

This is lion’s message for you. Lion encourages you to honor the message of your heart. And to know that you’re safe in trusting it and acting on it. Let others have their say but then go to your quiet sanctuary, be still and listen for what you should do.

(1) Lion can give you the confidence you need when you feel discouraged or find it hard to trust yourself. Or when you have a task that seems beyond your capabilities.

(2) Lion’s quiet dignity and self-assurance can help when you have been placed in a position of leadership and need to strengthen your faith in yourself.


Wolves are wild spirits, but are also friendly and social. They live by their own set of rules, which are carefully defined, and are quite ritualistic.

Like lions, wolves only fight when they have to and can lend you strength when there is a battle you know you have to fight. But they also teach you to know yourself, know your own strength, and stand in that knowledge rather than trying to prove yourself unnecessarily.

(1) Wolf can teach the discipline of a well-ordered life, the rituals that keep things in order.

(2) Wolf also teaches you to trust and honor the voice within and to step forward onto your new path when the time is right.

Seeking Unity of the Human Family: A Contemporary Perspective of the Medicine Wheel

Each and every one of us is created at a perfect soul and that perfection comes together with other perfect souls in unification. Remember that the Great Mystery, the Great Spirit, the Divine does not make mistakes. It was shared with me by a teacher that once upon a time that people would gather in the morning and begins every day in a sacred manner. They would lift up songs and prayers to greet the morning sun and say thank you to the moon. Many times people will ask me why I arise so early at 4 am each day and begin it with meditation and prayer beneath the moon remaining to welcome the sun, it is the tradition that began with this story.

As we look to the wheel for direction of the unity of human society, we realize that we participate in the dynamics of creating our own reality. Your reality and the entire Universal consciousness reality is one in the same. Your participation has an effect now and long after your soul travels into the spiritual realms. Universal reality is created by a group effort and does not simply exist. In order to shift the consciousness of the Universal reality, your soul intention must merge with other soul’s to co-create the bands of light frequencies.

The dynamics of the human family is really simply the soul of all human beings. Just as we each individually have a consciousness and a subconsciousness, so does the Universe. This is a merging of the consciousness and subconsciousness of all humans to create the tapestry of the center hub. It is this Universal consciousness that is the collective of all energetic signatures that help the Universe evolve. This hub center is about realizing that you are part of a whole. The whole of the human family is a fluid, flowing, massive co-creative force that exists independently of each soul, yet is interdependent on each soul.

The Universal Human Family has come into creation because as individuals over time we have perceived life in a sense of duality. We believe what we can see, what we can taste, what we can hear, and what we can feel. We as a human family act as though we are not affected when we take from or give to the Universal energetic signature. This is a result of striving for the external power that is truly a destructive competition between human souls. The merging or fusing of sacredness has been lost in the evolutionary process. We have become separated in consciousness.

The Universe that we have created has been done so with unconscious and conscious intentions. Remember that every intention that you have creates an energetic signature whether it is a conscious or unconscious intention. You are co – creating the Universal reality every moment of every day. Every word spoken, every thought that you have, and every emotion you feel carries with it a conscious and unconscious intention that forms and creates a vibrational frequency signature.

When you feel the emotion of anger, even if it is not expressed, you send an anger intention into the Universal consciousness. When you are placed in fear, real or imagined, that fear for survival is sent out as an unconscious energetic signature into the Universe. When you bring the unconsciousness of your soul in alignment with the consciousness of sacredness, you step into your authentic power and begin to co-create a reality that reflects your soul’s conscious intention. In this way, what you intend shapes your experience. What you intend becomes your reality.

The difficulty in all this comes in aligning your unconsciousness with your consciousness. It is vital to begin in this hub with bringing the two into unified energetic signatures. It is not enough to affirm your attention. It is not enough to simply pray for your desires. In order to align yourself into unified consciousness, it is necessary to shift your perceptions and beliefs on an unconscious level back into a sacred reverence. If you attend to the shadows, the weakness aspects discovered in the inner spokes, you will begin to shift perceptions and belief patterns. If you ignore and dismiss the shadow aspects you discovered in the inner spokes, you will continue to live in duality and manifest at a lower frequency.

The journey from separation and duality to complete unification begins with each individual soul becoming unified. It is only then that the human family can become unified. It is from a single unified soul’s energetic signature that the tribal consciousness will shift. Small bands of tribal light will merge with other tribal bands of light and the shift will begin at the collective level. You start the process when you align your own energetic signature.

Carla Goddard, Msc.D. is a Creality Visionary catalyst weaving soul spirituality and business together transforming the chaos of life into a path of peace and prosperity. She is changing the way we engage with life and business by bringing spirituality, ethics and integrity into alignment of who we are by illuminating and expanding ancient wisdom, the power of collaboration, the spirit of creation and the expansion of conscious awareness.