Medicine Wheel – Spiritual Practice

Native Americans believe that God has a plan for the north, the south, the east, the west and the center, not only for the earth, but for all living things. In their spiritual practices, the Native Americans use the Medicine Wheel to symbolize the individual journey in life, which is forever evolving and bringing new lessons on the path of life.

The Medicine Wheel teachings are among the oldest of Native Americans and are based on the seven directions (North, East, South, West, Life above the earth, life on the earth, life below the earth) and the Four Sacred Colors. The Circle represents the Circle of Life and the Center is the Eternal Fire. Each direction has its lessons and truth. East = Red, success triumph; North = Blue, defeat, trouble; West = Black, death, South = White, peace happiness.

The Medicine Wheel teaches that all lessons are equal, as are one’s talents and abilities. Every living creature will see and experience each spoke of the wheel, and know the truths it brings. The Medicine Wheel is a pathway to truth, peace and harmony, a never ending life without end.

The Earthwalk is based on the understanding that each of us needs to stand on every spoke, on the great wheel of life many times, and that every direction is to be honored. When you have walked in others’ moccasins, or stood on their spokes of the wheel, you will truly know their hearts.

I invite you to open your heart and mind to the mysteries and miracles of many different perspectives of spirituality. Everyone around you has found, or is in the process of finding their way. There are many teachers wherever you are.

When Were You Born? Medicine Wheel – East

Were you born between March 21st and June 20th? If so, you were born into the eastern quadrant of the Native American medicine wheel.

In Native American astrology, your birth date connects you to specific power animal spirit guides who are available for support and help. They also connect the time of year you were born to specific characteristics and energies that are available to you.

For this article, the focus is the eastern quadrant of the medicine wheel.

Medicine Wheel: East

The combined energy for this direction is new beginnings, giving birth to something new, the flourishing of creativity, the wellspring of enthusiasm. Draw upon this energy when you need to transition into something new, need help with a creative project or need renewal.

Golden Eagle

“If you’re learning to meditate, moving from one set of beliefs to another, or simply hungering or spirituality, link up with the eagle. It will help you to reconnect to your personal power.” –Stefanie Weiss, Spirit Animals: Unlocking the Secrets of Our Animal Companions

Eagle can help you when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or facing difficult choices.

It can help you let go of beliefs or habits that no longer serve you and help you to expand your viewpoint.


If you’ve lost your bliss and need to rejuvenate your enthusiasm, hummingbird is the animal spirit you need. Hummingbird can help you embrace life again when your joy seems to be hiding.

When you are in an emotionally difficult situation, hummingbird can lift you away from it for a time, helping you retreat long enough to regain perspective.


Owl is the animal spirit to call on when you need inner wisdom or maturity. But not only does it offer wisdom, it enhances vision. It helps you see in the dark, which means that you can see your own shadows and those of others. You can see through the rationalizations, the pretenses, the excuses, to the truth beneath it all.

Use this wisdom with compassion and acceptance to invite others into the light. And search out your own darkness, releasing anything that keeps you from shining your light, fro fully living your soul’s purpose.


“If you seek mental clarity on an emotional problem that you can’t see your way around, the hawk will help you to zero in on the crux of the issue and work through it.”~~Stefanie Weiss, Spirit Animals: Unlocking the Secrets of Our Animal Companions

(1) Hawk helps you see things from a new perspective, to take a break when you’re too close to an issue and step back long enough to gain a different perspective.

(2) Hawk can help you learn to trust your own wisdom. If you can hang on to a higher, spiritual perspective, that may be easier to do.

Air Element

This direction is connected to the air element. Generally speaking, the air element is associated with mental activity, with getting organized, with making and keeping commitments, with clearing clutter, with “clearing the air”, finding your voice and communicating your truth, with getting more deeply in touch with your inner life, with your purpose.

(1) This energy is the one you can harness for assessing your life as it is today and deciding which changes you are ready to make.

(2) It also can be used for more clearly discerning and expressing your soul’s purpose. And can help you clear away whatever has been in the way of living it fully.